Welcome to django-fluent-contents’ documentation!

This documentation covers the latest release of django-fluent-contents, a collection of applications to build an end user CMS for the Django administration interface. django-fluent-contents includes:

  • A PlaceholderField to display various content on a model.
  • A PlaceholderEditorAdmin to build CMS interfaces.
  • A default set of plugins to display WYSIWYG content, reStructuredText, highlighted code, Gist snippets and more.
  • an extensible plugin API.

To get up and running quickly, consult the quick-start guide. The chapters below describe the configuration of each specific plugin in more detail.


django-fluent-contents placeholder editor preview


The following features are on the radar for future releases:

  • Frontend editing support
  • Bridging other plugin systems, like Django CMS
  • Inline support (e.g. building a linklist plugin).

Please contribute your improvements or work on these area’s!

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